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I have nothing but high praise for Dr. Jett and his staff. I was treated exceptionally well. The whole process of what Dr. Jett performed regarding my dental implant was done very efficiently and professionally. The staff were very friendly and outgoing. Having dental work done is not one of my favorite things to do, but Dr. Jett and his staff made it a more than pleasurable experience than not.

-Al F.

We were very happy and satisfied with the service. Dr. Scott really takes his time to get to know the patient during consultation and helps you understand the problem. My husband and I were very pleased with the findings and are happy to say we are going through with the treatment. Most importantly my husband was relief to find out there is something Dr. Scott can do to save his gums.

-David M.

Very professional, warm, caring environment. Dr Jetts’ office provudes comforting extras with the patient choosing the music being played and for long appointments, there is even a choice of movies to watch. Going to the dentist is never my first choice of what to do for the day, but when I’m there, I know I’m receiving the best of care! I am a Christian. Being under the care of other believers means a great deal to me.

-Judith D.

Dr. Jett, Shannon, & Nicole are on-time, earnest, and compassionate. Dentists can be kind of scary and stressful for old-timers like me. I have seen Dr. Jett for several procedures; he’s got great chair side rapport. He listens and takes time to explain the work. I highly recommend him and his staff for quality care. Thanks Doc & the crew!

-Hal R.

My visit with Dr. Jett was about 2 weeks ago. What I liked best about my visit was the friendliness of all staff members, including Dr. Jett. I felt I was treated as if I were one of their family members or close friends,not a patient or a number. This is the first time i’ve had a dental visit or any other doctor visit feel so pleasant. Dr. Jett did an excellent job explaining my dental issues with me; he was very knowledgable and didn’t use terms that only dentists could understand. After my consultation he provided me with several options to take care of my dental issue, never forcing any kind of procedure at all. I felt like he really cares about the best interests of the patients and not himself. I was more than impressed with my visit and everyone there was extremely nice and helpful. Besides that, the office was immaculately clean and a place you wouldn’t mind waiting. That of course if you did have to wait for a while, I personally did not and was seen within 5 minutes of my arrival. Great Job Dr.Jett!

-Martha M.

Dr Jett and his staff are amazing. They truly care about the patients and make your time there actually enjoyable. They made sure I felt comfortable and told me exactly what was going to happen before it happened so that nothing was unexpected. The best part was that Dr Jett made sure I didn’t feel a thing!

-Shirley O.

This was a very positive experience. The office staff was welcoming and very competent. Dr. Jett was deliberate, patient, positive, friendly and explained the diagnosis clearly. He definitely put the patients’ interest as the highest priority.

-John R.

I never thought I would say that having someone drill a hole in my jaw would be a pleasurable experience but that is what happened to me yesterday. Shannon greeted me when I walked into the office with a friendly smiling face. Next Nicole brought me into the “procedure” room and proceeded to make me very comfortable. She asked me a few questions about myself which made me relaxed. She then put my favorite music on and in walks Dr. Jett. I was very surprised at how quickly my implant took. The only “pain” I felt at all was the anesthetic needle and that was very minor and only for an instant. Dr. Jett made sure that I was completely numb before beginning and I never felt any discomfort at all. Dr. Jett and his team were very thorough and professional. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone.

-Mike C.

Dr Jett came highly recommended by my parents. I spoke to a cheerful administrator who set an appointment for me and immediately mailed me paperwork, that I could fill out at home, to provide upon arrival. I was greeted by cheerful dental assistant and I was immediately taken to get x-rays: took 2 minutes, and it was pleasantly uninvasive, and comfortable. I was promptly taken to a chair for examination and was soon greeted by Dr. Jett. Scott was very kind, and was genuinely more concerned with any fears or reservations I might have about seeing any dentist at all. I am looking forward to my next visit. Overall, it was the most pleasant, efficient, and professional operation I have ever witnessed from a medical team of any kind.

-Paul B.

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